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U赢电竞官网提供职业安置服务,帮助你与新员工建立联系. MNCHA members can post a career placement for $69 per posting; the non-member fee is $99 per career placement. Payment must be received, in full, before we post a career placement to this website.

Simply register and pay for the career placement online. Then, send the career placement to Info@gr88w62.eyeeyuan.com in an email or as an email attachment. An attached file must be an original file [IE: Microsoft Word]. The career placement will remain 可以在网上续订30天,但可以在网上续订30天 same rate.


Posted on December 2, 2021
Cumberland, MD

  • Status: Full-Time
  • Regular/Temporary: Regular
  • Shift: Day Job
  • Facility: UPMC Western Maryland
  • Department: Home Health HHC
  • Union Position: No
  • Salary Range: $25.57 to $36.89 / hour


  • Located in Cumberland, 马里兰大学西部马里兰分校为那些希望在职业生涯中迈出下一步的人提供了很多机会!  U赢电竞官网目前正在招聘一名全职注册护士加入U赢电竞官网的家庭护理团队!
  • This position is eligible for a generous sign-on bonus! 如果你是一名经验丰富的注册护士,正在寻求改变,现在是你在UPMC找到自己位置的时候了!
  • Sign-On Bonus Details:
  • 根据工作经验,护士可获得高达1.5万美元的签约奖金.
  • 这是一个周一到周五8:00am-4:30pm的职位,偶尔周末,假期和随叫随到的轮班.
专业护士负责根据医生的护理计划在病人家中为他们提供熟练的护理服务, agency policies and procedures, fiscal intermediaries, 监管机构和机构并在公认的护理实践标准之内. 是否必须具备评估和解释患者数据的能力,以确定每个患者对所服务人群的需求.


  • 参加合规培训并遵守组织的行为准则, policies and procedures.
  • 专注于客户服务,并不断努力履行自己的职责,以达到最佳的客户满意度.
  • Assigns other nursing personnel, 包括lpn和助手,以协助根据护理计划向患者提供适当的服务.
  • 监督和教导其他护理人员,包括lpn和家庭健康助理.
  • 识别、调查并建议解决组织问题的方案.
  • 识别其他护理人员的任何缺陷或异常表现问题, LPNs and Aides, and recommends solutions.
  • Proven ability to facilitate change.
  • 在多学科卫生保健团队内协调病例管理活动,以确保为患者提供适当的服务.
  • Initiates, 协调并确保与医生和其他医疗团队成员的持续沟通.
  • 参加和参与病人护理会议,团队会议和其他相关会议.
  • 以符合UPMC家庭健康护理对患者的服务管理理念的方式履行职责, visitors, staff, peers, physicians and other departments within the organization.
  • Identifies, 在家庭健康机构内开发和参与过程改进机会,将提高U赢电竞官网提供的服务质量.
  • Provides direct patient care, 评估结果并调整护理过程,以确保最佳的患者护理.
  • 发起、协调和评估以病人和家庭为中心的健康教育.
  • Establishes the plan of care in collaboration with the physician, 根据医嘱和病人需要,病人和澳大专业人员.
  • 酌情向家属和其他机构人员提供建议和咨询.
  • Completes documentation including visit assessment, OASIS, 485和口头命令准确和迅速的笔记本电脑设备或书面文件,而在患者的家里,并在机构和监管标准.
  • Data syncs (transmits) information same day.
  • 独立判断急诊和非急诊病人的护理需求,并与医生沟通.


  • Graduate of an accredit school of professional nursing required.
  • Bachelor's degree preferred.
  • UPMC Home Health Care approved certification preferred.
  • 在急症护理机构或熟练护理机构至少6个月的护理经验.
  • 在可能需要提供精神卫生护理的机构中工作的注册护士最好具备以下条件:美国护士协会颁发的精神卫生专业注册护士精神卫生护理证书. 精神科或精神健康护理专业硕士学位:必须在医院精神科或精神健康科有近三年的护理经验, a partial hospitalization program, an outpatient psychiatric clinic, or psychiatric home care. 护理专业本科学历:必须有一年(最近三年内)在精神病院或精神卫生部门的护理工作经验, a partial hospitalization program, an outpatient psychiatric clinic, or psychiatric home care. 护理专业大专或大专学历:必须有两年(最近三年内)在医院精神科或精神健康科的护理工作经验, a partial hospitalization program, an outpatient psychiatric clinic, or psychiatric home care.

Licensure, Certifications, and Clearances:

  • UPMC approved national certification preferred.
  • 作为注册专业护士的当前执照,可以是该机构所在州的,也可以是该机构所在州的执照紧凑协议所涵盖的州.
  • 根据美国心脏学会(AHA)的标准,CPR需要在雇佣后30天内进行教学和技能演示
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) OR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • UPMC is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Disability/Veteran

Total Rewards:
More than just competitive pay and benefits, UPMC’s Total Rewards 包在生活的各个方面照顾你——因为U赢电竞官网相信当你得到你需要的支持时,你会处于最佳状态:专业, personal, financial, and more.

Our Values:
在UPMC,U赢电竞官网受到指导U赢电竞官网工作并使U赢电竞官网对彼此负责的共同价值观的驱动. Our Values of Quality & Safety, Dignity & Respect, Caring & Listening, Responsibility & Integrity, Excellence & Innovation play a vital role in creating a cohesive, positive experience for our employees, patients, health plan members, and community. Ready to join us? Apply today.

To apply visit http://careers.upmc.com/

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